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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

No words for this dance. OK, a few....

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As with their song of the same name, the ABBA ladies were "super troupers". (That reference in the 1980 #1 ABBA song is actually about a stage spotlight but; whatever....)

Impossible not to enjoy the dance in the last part of the YouTube video, below. (Once again; some text follows but the linked YT videos are the 'stars' of this post.)
Ms. Anni-Frid (Lyngstad) always seemed a bit more energetic and athletic with her stage moves. But then Agnetha is freighted with that magnificent ass to swing around. Almost hold your breath when she's dancing around in tight quarters. She kinda bashes into Frida at the 2:47 mark here -- her dark-haired partner might have been launched from the stage....Still, despite the mistake I'll assert that Agnetha's "build" helped grace some of her moves. Update: Take a quick 'side trip' to enjoy Ms. Fältskog doing a very good job with her dance moves -- on ABBA's biggest hit (link via YouTube, new window).

(Continuing:) Appreciate her turnarounds in this number (below) to - consciously or not - "show it off" (?) for viewers. And why not? She's a natural performer on stage (or became one) and, in the mid-'70s, was about at her utmost. (Insert: More "turnarounds"? Check out parts of "The ABBA Movie". (Good live singing/playing in this linked clip, too.) Despite the denials, Ms. Fältskog HAD to know she was putting on a show at moments there. (Stage lights up; this lady often shone (shined) in general.) And it's all fairly innocent by today's (lowered) standards.)  
Update: Still, the artist was uncomfortable with all the attention to her appearance. Certainly understandable, as demonstrated via this tasteless interview from Japan in 1978 (from YouTube). Agnetha seems to try to be gracious, but the bonehead "interviewer" presses it further. (As noted in the YT comments for the video, a slap in the face for the "please turn around" comment was asked for....) BTW, Agnetha gets absolutely no help from her man Bjorn here, either: Check out her "what the hell (is this)?" look to him at about the 42 second mark of the clip. (Although it is possible she was reacting to his strange "..ask Frida" comment...)
2012 update: No question though - naturally beautiful, blonde Agnetha was "big in Japan"....just watch!. Though not  always pleased to be on camera -- an incomparable, light-up smile on this lady!  A perfect (and expressive) mouth.... 
(Link opens in a new window to YT video compilation/admiration.) 

Ms. Fältskog was in the public eye and was popular ABBA's popular "focal point" (for many). Her appearance sold records and tickets. (ABBA knew this.)  In the earlier years of ABBA, Agnetha and Frida often (were) displayed (in) short skirts or sexy, skin-tight costumes. Nevertheless -- though this blog isn't read much in Sweden -- I'm going to try to reduce attention to/details about appearance for this singer going forward....

(Continuing on:) It's all pretty corny yeah, but nicely so. A good, fun effort as usual, done to playback. This band always worked on their presentation. (Especially the ladies.)

Here's another excellent YT version of this pop/rock song: (link)

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