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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

So why did I write all of this....

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There are a lot of words written here (in this blog). Why bother? The "retro-fascinated" explain it a bit:

#1) What is Twitter? What's this 'microblogging'...?
#2) Any idiot with a web connection (+ free speech) can do this now, right??

- End of lame humor section -

The 'real' reasons, for those who may have interest: 

1. As should be apparent from the posts here, I'm pleasantly surprised to discover that 'supergroup' (i.e., exceptionally successful) ABBA was so good at what they did. It is a much-belated find for me, mainly through videos currently out on You Tube. (Record companies: I've been motivated to purchase your products after initial discovery via You Tube....) Like many I didn't pay them much mind in their day. Like others, I've learned that while it's not Beethoven, close to 400 million record sales (by ABBA) have occurred for some good reasons. (E.g., four talented members plus other important individuals/occurrences.)

And also that iconic front singer Agnetha (äng-NĒ-ə-tä) Fältskog was/is an all-around accomplished performer. Her partner Anni-Frid Lyngstad is, too. Catching up with (most of) the rest of the world has been an enjoyable experience, especially for a person who appreciates music. So much so that it provided motivation to research/write about it. (Sometimes of course with ABBA on the headphones...) If you look a bit, there is much public information available -- good or suspect -- about the legendary music group and the popular Ms. Fältskog. I've tried to link/credit my various sources.

1a. It's often a good exercise to try writing about things or people that interest you, are inspiring, etc. That is part of the effort here: To try an describe things that are not easily put into words. E.g., great popular music songs, a beautiful voice, etc. It certainly helps to also have the opportunity to link to available video performances and to include a few photos. Sometimes words are best however, to fully express comments, reactions, analysis, insights.  

And, as an additional point, I believe that Ms. Fältskog is both an underrated singer/performer, and not widely known (in much detail) in the United States. It's been enjoyable (for me, anyway) to learn a little more about her music-related efforts and to write (publicly) about them. (A blog obviously allows planned integration of descriptive links, videos, etc.)  I know I'll never meet the Swedish singer and that she also does not look at websites such as this. But finding out more about the artist through research (of her public career) possibly brings us all slightly closer to the person. Provides us with a (long-distance) way to "meet" the singer, and/or perhaps offers insight and understanding about this performer.

(One more brief - "old dude" - aside possibly for a younger reader or two. (Thank you for taking a look (back) here...): Finely-crafted popular music from the 1960s and '70s was followed seriously by many listeners (at the time). (Including young Agnetha Fältskog, BTW.)     
(Insert: Back then you sometimes were identified or even defined  - to a degree - by your (vinyl) record collection...)
 Lighter "fare" such as (early) ABBA songs had plenty of competition 'back in the day' but still received much (radio) air-play.  (AM radio play: A reason why non-progressive/rock ABBA may have been unfairly dismissed during that time period, by some...) 
Money surely was one motive then, but contrast that with many of the "ka-ching"-first, video-centric "products" passed off as music entertainment today.  (One notable exception: Grammy-winning Adele, a singer with "the goods". (A voice.))

In short, especially for certain older people the art of popular music was/is a passion. We admire those who really worked at producing outstanding music... and particularly those whose efforts seem to stand the test of time.  
(In a very real way popular artists from the period almost HAD to create something first-rate. Competitors were many, and often capable. If you did not produce (quality) someone else would. (Competition was (also) fierce for listeners, etc.) 
Plus the whole video performance aspect ("requirement") was only starting to emerge...)
We (all) now know those 20-25 years offer(ed) a treasure of finely-written and -performed music.) 

(Continuing previous text:) "Mea culpa": A few of the earlier entries in this blog are a bit over the top with the "discovery" of alluring Agnetha. It's a little embarrassing at times, in retrospect. (I.e., I'm 'owned'  (was)....by a lady I never met?!?) But I'll endure that (and leave most posts intact) : Her natural star power was enough to unleash those, even as a 30-or-so-year echo from the past. (Huh?? OK; try this link to a 1979 YT vid. to see a little of what I'm talking about. (Note: Nearly three million views for this long-ago video performance, now...) Both ABBA ladies are fantastic here. (To playback & somewhat blurry.) But check out multiple-camera-tracking Agnetha's sexy "pounce", from around the 4:18 mark. (I.e., right at the "take it now or leave it" line...(Just slay me right now...))  Likely no one told or directed her to do that for us. Looked good from any angle. 
For me - once again - (and for others), Agnetha (has the unusual ability to)  "get through the (viewing) screen" (throughout this video).
 Update: Link to a much clearer version of this performance, presently on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uzwYcn1N9-c&fmt=18)

(With that keyboard pic....Can't resist throwing in this YT link to an edgy 1985 song/video from Agnetha's TV special: 'Click Track' (link). Decent '80s video actually. Agnetha pulls it off....)

Readers can decide how well that I did. I think that my efforts improved a bit as I learned more and got used to writing the entries. The initial enthusiasm in early posts is good, but some actual knowledge works its way in later in the more recent entries. BTW: If someone able to foretell the future had informed me back a year-plus ago that I would produce a 60-post blog about ABBA ("nooo...") and Ms. Fältskog ("who"??)....I would have inquired as to which alternative reality they just warped in from. Would probably have also questioned their ancestry.

(YT video link)

Last note: I have much to say about certain things, and (clearly) will "go the long way around (the barn)" to do it at times. Not sure this blog effort helped much with that, but I actually did try to "reign it in", occasionally. At least a few sentences here and there did get edited out. I mean....can you imagine.... (i.e., otherwise; without those feeble edits)?? And, there's even a summary post.  And a condensed summary. 
Thank you to any readers, for taking the time.

Link to full blog: http://star4abba.blogspot.com/

Note: This post entry is backdated to better fit within the order of posts. It's actual creation date is 6/21/09. - Mr. D. Tails

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