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Welcome. Bienvenue. Välkommen. Willkommen.

 Recent quotation (emphasis added), from celebrated English actress Joanna Lumley: "...I think ABBA is just stupendous. All these people sneered at them back in their day and called it rubbish, but guess who’s lasted like bright shining stars!

2014 insert: ABBA anniversary video...(Captures the band nicely (they still show well) in a brief compilation.)

(YT video link. (Unfortunately some form of audio compression or other fault/alteration (in this YT video) presently renders the singers' voices slightly too high (+ speed-ed-up)...(Compare to other (better fidelity) recordings.))

Robin Gibb (Bee Gees), from 2010's "The Nation's Favourite ABBA song" TV special: "Let's put it this way: It would be a sadder world if ABBA hadn't existed."
(Inclusion of quotations from these individuals does not constitute their endorsement of this website or its contents.)
(Blogger note: Please click on the link (just preceding the Gibb quote) above to watch ITV's recent, feel-good ABBA special... in a new window. (For as long as it remains posted.) Then please come back here for a closer look at Agnetha Fältskog (the performer) and her solo music. (Thanks to YouTube's 'anthonygrice' for the upload.) And quick commentary re this 2010 special: Wonderful comments throughout from Frida (of whom this blog writer is also a big fan) and insightful Björn. Particularly noteworthy are the great observations about 'SOS' (and Agnetha's lead); a pop song extraordinaire ranked much too low by the voting public here. Young Agnetha's spellbinding song-intro performance....

Super-group ABBA consisted of four talented individuals, working together. Viewing this 2010 TV special helps stand-out the blonde, focal-point singer though -- at times.  A luminous star. Something that she continued to be .... (pls. read on))

This popular-music site/blog is a detailed research and communication effort - written by a much-belated (U.S.) "convert". It is primarily a "lens" upon ex-ABBA star Agnetha Fältskog's English solo music and portions of her public career. (Not the ambivalent star's private life.) In truth, it is also something of a writing 'exercise'/challenge for its author. 
This blog is music-focused - particularly upon Ms.Fältskog's special voice -  but it's also evolved into an unsolicited appreciation (of the singer).

Transcend any negative/distorted/invasive "tabloid" material you might have once read: Looking (back) mainly at the music; a talented, appealing, all-around performer is re-discovered here. (Nostalgically, yes. But some of us (somehow) missed this shining star, originally....)

Please enjoy; newer fans especially. (Newer USA fans, in particular...) A translation gadget, a listing of key, music-related posts, and an index of labels are located on the right-hand sidebar. Though this blog occasionally "strays" beyond the music, recycled ABBA/Agnetha gossip and "tell-all" betrayals are left for elsewhere.

Several posts have been updated/expanded for 2011.

Note: No money is earned from this site. It is for entertainment, information and enjoyment. It's completely unofficial. (Disclaimers and additional info., below.) This may "just" be an unofficial blog/website, but unfiltered insights, truths, etc. can often be found in such places. No mere blandishments or platitudes fill pages here. (Most, anyway...) Admiration and appreciation of talent: Yes.  But no blind, idol worship. A portion of a professional singer/performer's public work is considered. Researched.

Original text/elements of this site are copyrighted/registered. Please contact the author via the 'Comments' option (located at the end of posts). Legitimate requests are kept confidential.

Agnetha (low-res.) sample (via YouTube, with ABBA, 1976) is linked below:

(Brief commentary:) From the period in popular music, talented and winsome Agnetha (with ABBA and solo) was as alluring of a performer as there was....(And more, as this blog attempts to display.)  A siren. (Definition #2; but part of def. #1, also..)  

Of course this video is old-time now, more than a bit "corny", and Björn/Benny earn detentions for their on-(and off-)camera antics. But a fan-favorite music icon...even today (link)... is spotlighted.

 (YT video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7hEY2XoLlXg) 
And: Can't resist adding another example link (from YouTube's '2Shaymcn') to this fabulous 1976 performance of ABBA's 'mega-hit', Dancing Queen. Both singers (miming the song): Wonderful. Like me though, I'd wager many cannot take eyes away from 'the sexiest woman on earth' (per YouTube comment): Agnetha....Spellbinding here --even in that pantsuit. (Link, new window): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYSSD0SVhN0&fmt=18)

Why not? Another superb (HQ) YT production of ABBA performing "....Kissed the Teacher", courtesy of 'Fafner888':

(video link)

 Final note for readers (2011): I hope that you will enjoy this blog and perhaps discover something new, as I did. ("Something 'new'"... that was created quite awhile ago, of course...) It is a balancing act to produce an appropriate from-afar 'lens' upon its privacy-preferring subject; Ms. Fältskog. I.e., the performing artist and her (solo) work. At my own belated discretion I believe that instituting "retirement dates" for some older/less-music-oriented posts is needed. 

This unofficial blog has attracted small but steady readership thus far. (Thank you for your interest....I know that Agnetha is the attraction.) By some point in the near-future I think that I will have offered various information I originally wished to convey, to most who (might) appreciate viewing it. I am not very interested in contributing (minutely) to the Swedish singer's overall, public portrait (or 'legacy') -- in ways other than about music. Certain posts - reflecting early enthusiasm for the new-to-me singer/performer - but not focused upon music will be removed soon....
2012 side-note: Agnetha - even (especially?) from long ago - has a strange effect upon certain fans. When authoring this personal effort (my pleasure) I was not so 'far gone' as this character ("Nigel"), though -- I hope.... 
Link to 6/12/12 article from South Africa's The Witness (new window opens, 
story link:)  http://www.witness.co.za/index.php?showcontent&global[_id]=82599

Lastly, I cannot have ascertained (or educed) everything to perfection via my research. Especially as a music non-professional, and relative latecomer to ABBA's and Ms. Fältskog's efforts ....
Polite comments and corrections are welcome.

-- Jon B. (USA)
(Uhh, no....Not THIS Jon B. (in case there was doubt  :-)) (YT link))

P.S. (3/13): Free expression is great. Still, it is appropriate to (voluntarily) note writer appreciation (particularly) to ABBA's/Ms. Fältskog's management and representation. To date, no direct "hassles" (last-millennium term) have yet been received about (what I attempted as) fairly-used "fair-use" content here. Nonetheless, legitimate artist management individuals should  contact me (via 'Comments') if significant/factual content errors are somehow of concern...
 (Pls. ref. disclaimers at page-bottom. All "involved" are operating on a two-way 'street'....)

That is, BTW, if such interests may have learned about this web outpost at all

(Continuing; previously written:)
  A bit oddly maybe, it can be kinda 'lonely' for American Agnetha fans (...North, Central, and South American, that is). E.g., the lengthy-flight-averse singer is unlikely to appear on this side of the Atlantic, her promotional efforts seem centered mainly upon her primary European markets, etc. But we all have the gift of her voice/videos. Plus: Her 'team's' official websites seem to be doing a reasonable job connecting (with online fans....please see further below.) 4/13 update: An off-site link follows featuring fan translations (into English) of a couple of recent articles with/about Agnetha (and "A" producers.) Including one that discusses marketing plans a bit. Link, new window.)
Perhaps "A" will add (even) more fan-company over here....

(Official sites for artists mentioned (and other sources) are listed/linked near the top of this website.)

5/13 addendum: "Who is"... Agnetha, the professional singer/performer? 
We tried to find out a little - from afar - in this blog... but here she is! 
(Video below.)  
In sum (i.e., professional career).... I believe it's quite specific:

(From YouTube:)
"Published on May 10, 2013
Question 14: You have been such an intricate part of so many people's lives and memories. What do you want to be your legacy? What would be the one thing you wish to be remembered for the most.
--Sven Paardekooper
Watch all the Ask Agnetha videos over on Facebook:

(5/13 YT video link)

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