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(5/13:) A fearless prediction...(slightly updated early 2016)

( A 2016 update is at the bottom of this rambling post.)

Please also see an 8/13 update further below -- and also a quick 11/13 update (below). FWIW: In part, out of hope as a fan I'm 'sticking with' the May, '13 prediction that follows....We (i.e., non-'insiders') will have to (wait and) see if another full album is to be attempted, at some point.

Excerpted from this linked 5/13 post :

"... For any who would like to hear it, a more positive prediction (from this site). Yes, it is speculative but an easy one (I think):
She is not 'done'. Not now.... Agnetha is backAs long as the voice and health are good, we will likely be lucky enough to hear/see something from 'renaissance Agnetha' again. Not sure when or what, of course. (She has earned a break for however long...won't be several years this time though. Hint: Possibly a (long-awaited) DVD of some kind...?)

I.e., the star pretty much enjoyed at least portions of the comeback (this time), and it has been confirmed (to her) that she has ("owns"(?)) a very large collection of loyal fans. Agnetha has perceived our excitement over her return. (Imagine if she/her record company could just get (more of) the U.S./North America "on board"....)

FWIW: From the perspective of this blog started back in 2009...that was an amazing thing to just write...."

(The current video preview (below) is the best we can do right now quality-wise. But if you are a fan you'll likely enjoy it...("A" album song title partially heard is "Back On Your Radio".))

(YT video link)

(An interesting back-story about 'Back On You Radio' is being reported here (link), from the excellent 'abb4ever.com' forum. Update: A lame video is linked (new window) but that song's unmistakeable (repeated) message conveys one reason why I think we will probably hear something from Agnetha again...)

>>> Confirmation (below) that the singer remains involved with "A" album promotion, etc. A November '13 'teaser' update below.  (Agnetha creates a little 'buzz' via the WWW (which I am again innocently (naively?), indirectly aiding and abetting at another web location...) As long as the star singer is actually involved/makes appearances (of some sort) it will be buzz-worthy for many fans....) 
....Update: Rumored to be a TV appearance with Gary Barlow at a charity event in the U.K.....

(Off-site link to video)

(Previously written text:) Update - 8/12/13: Now a (quality) follow-up to (or from) "A" seems required..... 8/14/13 update: As many have seen, a written note from Agnetha re the 'DYPA' video is now posted on her official websites (link). I'm deleting most of the text that follows (and deactivating most links), as I believe I must respect the stated opinion of the artist. We do not agree (about the video as produced (FWIW)) but ultimately, (even if she had little to do with it) it is her (official) video. In her name.... 
(A final commentary though: No matter what the motives for Agnetha's note, it is a clever action, IMO. I had been wondering what form of response to fan outcry might have occurred. (If any...)
If you DON'T want to acknowledge that the official release is a substandard production (or agree)....couldn't think of a better response. (Realistically.)) 

Update: There are plenty of fans who express themselves well re Agnetha (the artist), the 'DYPA' video debacle, etc. From a fan post on Agnetha's official Facebook page, here is one (8/15/13) excerpt (from 'McCarthy Sean'):  
"...The video's failure, which is clearly apparent now, can be directly attributed to a production team completely out of touch with the deep feelings of a fan base and Agnetha's loyal following."

Oh, BTW: A few (others) have even suggested that the official 'DYPA' video is all a big lighthearted 'joke'...   
I guess positing that Universal Music and/or Agnetha were having a foray into comedy. You know, the joke is on us for watching, expecting a quality production and so on.  
Don't buy that at all here... (The remainder of this comment is deleted by the author. Not useful.))

(previously written:)...to get the bad taste (pun intended) out of our mouths... (Poor- or inferior-taste might be closer...) The (just-released) official Dance Your Pain Away video (presently available on YouTube) won't be (purposely) linked from this site.

FWIW: The produced video is acknowledged here as a "nice" gesture (by the artist/Universal Music) to prominently feature fan-made videos, submitted via a contest....

...That's the only positive I can conjure up for the most amateurish official video I have recently seen.

(unrelated, but partially-related (perhaps as an example) video follows...)

(YT video link)


....(previously written) The world will keep spinning along, so not to over-dramatize but... Don't let that be the last published effort for the talented Swedish singer.....

Quick 2016 update

1/21/16: Nice to see the photo included in the following linked article:


Comment: It's been very quiet (certainly on the music front) since Agnetha's 'A' of 2013. 
...We'll keep the faith here, but also remember that the artist has given us an extensive catalog...

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