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Monday, March 16, 2009

Sexy Agnetha

 (Updated, 2010-12. Note: This post is part of an appreciative but unofficial Agnetha-focused website.   A brief 2012 update may be found near the end of this entry.)

A seductive-sounding video is below. What a talent. I don't think there's an antidote for this woman's at-times-sexy/at-times-even-soulful voice (in her own way); not for me. (And there's more to Agnetha Fältskog's singing voice than even that: One link.)

Although she's of course known, I still don't believe that ABBA's (former) 'focal-point' Agnetha has been given her due. Yet.

FWIW, the background 'panting' (or whatever the spoken parts are) in this (first) number could be a bit much, but still: Let's quote this person's rave (out of many) from YouTube :
"Wow! I am SPEECHLESS. This woman was out of this world. That voice etches itself permanently onto your soul. And she was still the sexiest woman on the face of the planet, hands down!!"

Your headphones.... an excellent choice for this one. Though the video portion is apparently from another song (possibly the one shown further below).

(Refresh the page if necessary to view the video. HQ link to YT for this video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iFz5Z6QRCR0&fmt=18)

Ms.Fältskog has even stronger solo efforts; outlined here (with links): http://star4abba.blogspot.com/2009/03/best-post-abba-song-for-ms-faltskog.html

Another You Tube video (properly-synched) from the same 1983 TV special. Thanks to 'abbafanglosuk' for posting.  Special voice; special lady. (Even with the 'play' arrow planted there, and wearing that not-completely-flattering blue dress(?).)  Can never get enough of Agnetha's 'la-la's' and humming in the latter part of this song....  
(Immediately preceded by her out-of-this-world sexy 'Älska mig's)

"Sexy Agnetha": A performance attribute - happily - captured; with an abundance of enduring examples (career). Just a few:

Etc., etc.....

Counter-point*: Earlier in her career Ms.Fältskog had some harsh words (attributed) for "sweaty, obsessed crowds" (per her As I Am biography, page 72, about one massive ABBA tour), and also (about) her own body image (link):
"I am not beautiful and not sexy..."

Something perhaps to keep in mind when attempting to better understand the individual behind the (frequently) sexy voice and on-camera image....
Often; (seemingly) a person of contrasts

* A final updated comment, for some modern-day viewers:  Yes: Outfits, certain dance routines, perhaps some song lyrics employed by ABBA - and Agnetha - can be viewed as (being) sexist.
 (One (gorgeous) example? (Ref.: The women's skin-tight outfits...(duh)) Link, new window.)  
Much of what we're viewing (now) is through the 'prism' of 30+ years. Otherwise leaving this subject for (any) interested readers to debate....

2012 update  (link follows): Not sure I'm fathoming the scope of this "award" (e.g., time frame covered (a hint is included here), is it a Swedish-edition magazine (i.e., ELLE.se) award? Answer: Appears to be 'yes').... but congratulations for Ms.Fältskog seem to be in order.  As noted in this blog several times Agnetha is an icon, in a few ways....
The '70s still 'rule'...?? (link, new window): http://elle.se/3-favoritogonblick-med-agnetha-faltskog/

(Just sayin': All the photos and most videos on the ELLE site (above) were from that ('70s) era, as were many of the large photos (apparently) displayed at the event. It is a 'legend' award however. Agnetha (also) was apparently cited (by a presenter at the event) as being an "...inspiration over the years".)

(More here: Lovely lady, lovely pictures posted here (new window). I think everyone believes that....http://www.iphpbb.com/board/ftopic-30652567nx61610-11968-120.html .  
A bit of a personal observation (picking up from the previous paragraph): If you go back and look at some photos of Ms.Fältskog in each decade of life (even as a girl) ...she looks the part! I.e., a good-looking person at different ages. A fittingly attractive "model" at each stage of life.)

As a couple have wryly commented elsewhere (re the fashion award):  
"If only she could sing!" (I.e., would record maybe one more time...) FWIW, Agnetha's speaking voice near the end of this edited clip (from the award gala) still sounds pleasant and quite youthful: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_7iVx96VME

It's available elsewhere now too, but here is an edited, embedded clip from the event incl. Ms.Fältskog's brief appearance after the two-minute mark. (Thanks to YouTube's for the post. YT and a few other Internet sites are about the only way most fans learn of/can enjoy such (public) happenings. How about an "icethesite" (news/music site) for Agnetha...?? )

Ms.Fältskog's glowing appearance/warm reception at this event READILY evokes solo song lines: 
"The Queen of Hearts is back in town/....still wears the crown". 

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