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Monday, May 18, 2009

ABBA ladies snuck off and did THIS in the '80s

...Uhhh....OK, perhaps not.
('Sneaked' vs. 'snuck'...?)

...Bet Frida wouldn't have minded one bit, though.

Another band that is delinquent for the "Rock Hall". Every member was outstanding. (Jackson Browne's already in there for cryin' out loud....Also, maybe the B-52s are not eligible, yet??)

World's tightest band here this time.
(Link to YT video...)

(YT video link.↑Note Kate Pierson's adroit performance (live) here: Keyboard, dancing, singing... and (apparently) cue-ing fellow singer Cindy Wilson - with head movement -  at times....! (The singers could be cue-ing each other at times, also.))

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