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Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 update: Ms. Fältskog

One more post here. More follow:

Early 2011: Some momentum/acclaim seems to be building for ex-ABBA star Agnetha Fältskog at the moment, via her recent (Swedish) 'M-Magasin' article, and also this (1/11) Music Blog post, by Richard Williams of The Guardian (U.K.). (That is, if Ms. Fältskog is not fully retired as a singer/entertainer...)

 Please click on this link (new window opens) to read reported information re the Swedish singer (with this website's (from-afar) analysis).  
(And a rhetorical question: Given the apparent frenzy when this quiet lady occasionally speaks (e.g., 'M-Magazine' article consequences), would not an official, dedicated web presence make sense (for the artist)? (This blog effort is not official.))

'Road map': My (mainly) music-related site's overall summary page is here (link). (Or, pls. try this enjoyable alternate (introductory) entry (link, new window.)) Previous posts follow below.

Thanks for reading. This tiny blog is on hiatus pending future new music/collections released by Ms.Fältskog, if any...(That is completely in the artist's control, of course.)
Some music-related insights or reviews (re Ms. Fältskog's past efforts) may be added occasionally, as this site endeavors to remain of interest (to fans, others). (Especially in the apparent absence of an up-to-date and comprehensive, official web presence focused upon the artist....)

Plus: A nice, recent (2011) photo of the singing star (at a party) is displayed here (link) (new window). Update: A 2012 award. Not so much for music, but as a "fashion legend". Link to ELLE magazine (Sweden) web page (new window): http://elle.se/3-favoritogonblick-med-agnetha-faltskog/   
More here (link). 

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