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Monday, September 16, 2013

9/13: Worthwhile interview by Jeffrey de Hart with (Agnetha's "A" album's) Jörgen and Peter

If not yet seen, link below is to a .pdf file copy of the interview . Another link is also available on agnetha.com. (Update:) That's where part 2 of the interview -- also worthwhile reading for fans -- may be found. And the full interview is available via the official ABBA fan club's magazine (subscription).

(....We've seen another, in-depth J.de Hart interview featured once before here (link is to a previous post. No affiliation with the correspondent.))

It's been said elsewhere: 'Hurrah' for those two guys (i.e., Peter and Jörgen) for convincing (persuading?)  this wonderful singer/performer to return to the studio....

>>> Off-site link to J. de Hart interview (Part 1 only), .pdf file, new window opens: http://cdn.umg3.net/agnetha/uploads/2013/09/Interview.pdf

P.S. The album producers make it clear (in this interview) that they were not trying to "copy" or recreate ABBA songs via those written for "A". Perhaps confirms that it's mainly record company marketing that "pushed" the ABBA-Agnetha connection, while selling "A". (As complained about (a bit ) here, via this post (link). Maybe I was the only fan in the world who did not just "instinctively" know (realize) that...)
However, I still assert that a couple of the songs/lyrics (link) from "A" -- and the performances of them -- readily evoke old, ABBA-personnel-related back-stories....

P.P.S. ....From part 2 of the interview, this Agnetha-researcher really appreciates the back-to-back insights from Jörgen that: "...Agnetha never does anything that she doesn't want to do." (BTW: This fan interprets those words in a positive sense. As in:  Successful/independent individual, exercising control.)  And, "(Agnetha) has always been a music person and she will always be. She's curious and wants to challenge herself every now and then..."

A very good, succinct summation of the artist as she's been perceived right here, from long-distance. I also tried to primarily focus upon music aspects of her career. It's good to learn from those who work closely with Agnetha how important that is....


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