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(H)mmmmmmmm......! 'La-la-la...'

4/13 note: Yeah.... I'll stop updating this site real soon now. (As per the right-sidebar message here.)
....Hard for voice fans to 'stay away' from this captivating singer's work for long. (That is my current excuse.)

Just "one more thing", please:  (As usual) I have gone on and on  (previously) about it here. (One link, new window...):

-> I love it when this sweet-sounding singer briefly HUMS in her songs! (And/or otherwise sings without forming actual words, e.g.: "la-las", and so on...)  Don't you, also??   It is a bit of heaven-on-earth when she does so....!  
Somehow, (occasionally) employing her skill ("singing without words") both highlights and condenses the general appeal of Agnetha's voice....

...Update, FWIW, from (at least) one fan: "La la la" at the 3:51-52+ mark in "Bubble" to you too, Agnetha 'honey'! (hee hee ...wow

 (Image: 'Steam Through Countryside', by Karen Arnold. No affiliation. No website endorsement expressed or implied.)
(Returning (closer) to reality....previously written:) THANK YOU: Two songs released from 2013's "A" thus far (April '13), and Agnetha does that for us a little in each one. (It is only one small aspect of her singing/songs, of course.)
I'll let interested listeners notice the quick few sans-word(s) moments in "When You Really Loved Someone" (link, new window). Including a perfectly-placed '....mmmmm' (hum).

Within the famous vocalist's's fantastic effort below, her humming (technique) is exquisitely used. One time.
In the nicely-warm, resonant song ending; mark (near) the 3:10 moment. Find your good headphones and enjoy....  (To be honest the ringing-but-also-intimate final 25+ seconds (or so...) of her "denouement" (i.e., song ending) is close to listening 'heaven' for this fan.
Well, really: The whole effort pretty much is...)

...Here is hoping this remains posted on YouTube...  (Thanks to 'antefe' for producing it.) Update: Gone for now...(try this one (link)): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yzmXdd0wJBQ

(YT video link)

>>> When my copy of "A" arrives in May, and if there is more humming, etc. in Agnetha's other songs (on it)....You KNOW where this particular LISTENER WILL BE.

P.S. I (also) enjoy the piano opening (etc.) to the song (above). Not owning the album yet, I will be interested to see who might be credited for it. Update: Via a now-posted video at agnetha.com, here is a little more!
The piano opening and the song 'middle' section covered in the clip just happen to be this listener's favorite parts(!). (Along with the lovely song ending...)
The... "Looking at you now"...etc. lines (worked on in the vid.):  I STILL say the singer 'channels' just a little Dusty Springfield right there.

(YT video link)

More! Again working upon nice sections of Agnetha's German-released song. (Although it is difficult to discern what the participants are saying, etc.):

(YT video link)

(Previously written:) P.P.S. If interested, please see the comments after the (top-most) March, 2013 post here for one quick take on the "A" track above. Obviously I am enjoying the ballad. I would humbly describe it as a fine effort... but something of a "flawed beauty". I.e.: Agnetha (amazingly) changes to a higher key for the song's final culmination. She takes a risk (IMO) and builds (us) up to some high notes at the climactic "....be the one who loves you now"....  
But, her voice seems "pinched" (or strained) at that important, built-up moment.  (Around 2:53, above.) I think it is noticeable. 
I almost wish her producers would ask her to re-record those notes, but I know that will never happen. One (possible) reason? Agnetha nails the song's 'denouement' (if you will): The warm/resonant ending immediately following those high notes.... A beautiful finish.

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