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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Blog recap: Selected posts

Early '14: While in 'pause/rewind mode' ...conjecturing whether Agnetha Fältskog will record/publish new music, a few selected posts from this blog are linked below. Most are representative of the complete site. They were published/updated between 2009 and 2013.
(Note that there is also an index of topics located along the right sidebar.)


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Agnetha: Another big step in her return as a singer...

....'Renaissance' (lowercase 'r')- Agnetha shocks the world....or at least parts of it:

YT video below: November 2013 televised duet with Gary Barlow, broadcast (U.K.) as part of the "Children in Need... (I won't say 'Rocks' (link)") concert.  Ms.Fältskog's first public stage performance in 25 years.  (At least 30+ years since she has publicly sung LIVE.....(Some recorded backing vocals etc. also (were) played during the performance....)

Live Agnetha: Sensational. It's great to see her up there....and for a good cause.

(YT video link.)
(Belated insert: 1970's ABBA choreography aside, I always thought  Ms.Fältskog moved with some grace on-stage. Though she is basically standing in much of the performance (above), watch around the 3:30 mark in the video. Agnetha shows us she still moves much "her" same way (as in times past), and perhaps even how all that walking she (reportedly) does pays off!)

....If not already seen... an off-site link to an excellent snapshot of four artists it's easy to become a fan of....Let's hope the collaborations continue: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=539819686094233&set=pb.429701990439337.-2207520000.1384389595.&type=3&theater

(Reminder: Agnetha's official website(s) may be reached via this off-site link: www.agnetha.com)

...Back on hiatus on this blog until perhaps the next surprise from surprising Agnetha. (Who works at her own pace, but maybe the wait might not be all that long.... Seems she is garnering strong fan support from her (recent) efforts.)

Thank you to any readers for stopping by.... Significant music-related efforts from the singer shall prompt independent, unfiltered commentary and insight here....from a fan's perspective. For any interested...this post (link) is now updated to reflect "A's" contributions to one experienced listener's "Agnetha solo top ten" listing.

Monday, September 16, 2013

9/13: Worthwhile interview by Jeffrey de Hart with (Agnetha's "A" album's) Jörgen and Peter

If not yet seen, link below is to a .pdf file copy of the interview . Another link is also available on agnetha.com. (Update:) That's where part 2 of the interview -- also worthwhile reading for fans -- may be found. And the full interview is available via the official ABBA fan club's magazine (subscription).

(....We've seen another, in-depth J.de Hart interview featured once before here (link is to a previous post. No affiliation with the correspondent.))

It's been said elsewhere: 'Hurrah' for those two guys (i.e., Peter and Jörgen) for convincing (persuading?)  this wonderful singer/performer to return to the studio....

>>> Off-site link to J. de Hart interview (Part 1 only), .pdf file, new window opens: http://cdn.umg3.net/agnetha/uploads/2013/09/Interview.pdf

P.S. The album producers make it clear (in this interview) that they were not trying to "copy" or recreate ABBA songs via those written for "A". Perhaps confirms that it's mainly record company marketing that "pushed" the ABBA-Agnetha connection, while selling "A". (As complained about (a bit ) here, via this post (link). Maybe I was the only fan in the world who did not just "instinctively" know (realize) that...)
However, I still assert that a couple of the songs/lyrics (link) from "A" -- and the performances of them -- readily evoke old, ABBA-personnel-related back-stories....

P.P.S. ....From part 2 of the interview, this Agnetha-researcher really appreciates the back-to-back insights from Jörgen that: "...Agnetha never does anything that she doesn't want to do." (BTW: This fan interprets those words in a positive sense. As in:  Successful/independent individual, exercising control.)  And, "(Agnetha) has always been a music person and she will always be. She's curious and wants to challenge herself every now and then..."

A very good, succinct summation of the artist as she's been perceived right here, from long-distance. I also tried to primarily focus upon music aspects of her career. It's good to learn from those who work closely with Agnetha how important that is....


Monday, March 11, 2013

Official web pages for Agnetha at last! Plus, first "A" album singles.

(Official website links are below...)

So, (as before) please consider what's posted here as an unofficial artist appreciation/music-voice analysis/(in-depth) artist background fan-blog.  (As always - there's lots of other information/insight(s) right here that cannot be (at least readily) found elsewhere. (Especially: Official websites. Update: The artist's official Facebook page is being run/updated reasonably well.so far.. ) Plus, pls. check the comments at the end of this post for some early impressions of the star singer's initial (album) single releases.)

Here is a link to one good summary of what's currently happening with the artist, album, web pages, etc. (Off-site link, new window opens:) http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/agnetha-makes-a-universal-return-196818711.html
...(Hey! I 'called' her a siren first, here (link)....) Whatever...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J---aiyznGQ
Update: This fan forum now has a transcript of a little-more in-depth Swedish radio interview with Agnetha (3/12/13). Off-site link, new window opens:  http://www.iphpbb.com/board/ftopic-30652567nx61610-13491.html

Plus: A link (below) to a 3/17/13 article from William Langley of The Telegraph (U.K.). A mainstream article that actually gets some details (which are mostly not-music-oriented (though)) more or less correct, about the singer/her career/life. (Pretty much as well as (all) others not able to directly interview/know the singer.  Mr. Langley's prose is enjoyable at moments: Young Agnetha was indeed "an arresting beauty". The writer even used a proper weather descriptor for the 1979 ABBA "tornado flight"!)
Some 'conclusions' (in the article) seem stretched, however. (Not that something like that may have occasionally happened right here...)  Unfortunately, (apparently) there is no avoiding the strange Dutchman affair (i.e., "the man who wouldn't go away").  
One more thing::Can any mainstream article be written (about the artist) without the word "recluse" included somewhere within it?? (Apparently not: Though this particular article 'dances' around it, the word generally is improperly applied to the (often) private individual... (I.e., adult Agnetha.)) BTW: As noted in the next post here, part of the reason for the "A" album 'comeback' is (to try) to refute/dispel that (false) image...
All of this is why it may be (at least) kindest -- at this point, years on now -- to focus upon the captivating lady's singing/performing talent and efforts. As we mostly attempted to do (not totally successfully) right here on this website. 
Current off-site link to Telegraph article, new window opens: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/music/rockandpopfeatures/9933274/Abbas-Agnetha-Faltskog-Could-the-girl-with-the-golden-hair-get-lucky-at-last.html

May, '13 update: Link to a fan forum topic featuring various 'press reviews' of "A". Some early ones (of those) seem mixed.  (With a few significant positive ones, though.) Interestingly, as is pointed out in the forum's comments, I (also) occasionally wonder if certain critics generally do not enjoy some genres of music. Off-site link to forum topic, new window opens:  http://www.iphpbb.com/board/ftopic-30652567nx61610-13787.html
(One professional review excerpt (source linked):) "... Fältskog always sounded like the shy girl from the typing pool who just stood up, started to sing and found she possessed a pure, crystalline voice.
I like that...Although the Swedish performer actually produced an '80s song/video (link) that kind of matches that (exact) image, I had not quite pictured her in that way. (She sounds more grown-up now, I think.)
 ...Also, an off-site link to another interestingly-written, up-and-down album review (new window opens):  http://www.musicomh.com/reviews/albums/agnetha-faltskog-a)

...Agnetha will always have many fans of her voice, who will no doubt enjoy her "A" song efforts.

(Continuing previously written text::) Though the following pages are - of course - associated with new album promo, it has been time for quite awhile now for Agnetha to have an official, on-line presence. Good for her, and for connecting with fans... in these ways!! (no affiliation):

Agnetha's official website (at last!). (New window opens, no affiliation):    http://www.agnetha.com/
....Including a favorably-done 'biography' (link): http://www.agnetha.com/biography/

Agnetha's official Facebook page (new window opens): https://www.facebook.com/AgnethaOfficial

Official Agnetha Twitter : 
Twitter: @AgnethaOfficial

Official YouTube channel for Agnetha! http://www.youtube.com/user/AgnethaOfficial

Official YouTube VEVO channel:  http://www.youtube.com/user/AgnethaVEVO

>>> The first (YouTube) video release (official) from "A" (the new album)!:

(YT video link )

(YT video  link Yes: Some of the song links may not 'survive' here. Might try this one...: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-KRi4nspjRA)

>>> A tiny 'teaser' initial take (on this song-snip (above)): Sounds (very) close to 'classic' Agnetha....!
A bit 'schlager' perhaps, but she performs those (songs) well. And  yes!: I think I can hear a little (sampling of) Dusty in this cut.  
(...(If it remains available above,) Even just the HD YouTube 'snippet' of Agnetha's "The One Who Loves You Now" may represent (at least) a 'hope' come true for this blog/blogger. (And all fans...)  She's sounding very good in this song section, at least.... 
A 'knockout' effort (so far) by the mature singer... Now waiting for the full song (in good sound quality)..)

(Per the following interview...I now wish to be a (domestic Swedish house-) dog.)     (If needed,) Please click on the "CC" icon next to the 'cog' - just below the video - for (English) sub-titles:

(YT video link )

(Jon ▼ )

(Image source: http://www.publicdomainpictures.net/view-image.php?image=34247&picture=tempting-a-dog-silhouette)
... Woof

Friday, October 5, 2012

A very quick take on (the first) "A" singles, by Agnetha Fältskog. (Commentary, 3/13)

 Blogger note: This post was quickly written in March, 2013, just prior to the official release of Agnetha's successful "A" album. It is one of the last entries (written) here...
P.S. If you're really captivated by Agnetha and (esp.) her voice, you may find the lengthy comments appended to this post of interest:

(Originally written post:) 3/11/13 update -- Off-site link to a quick, 3/10/13 interview with Ms. Fältskog. (new window opens:) http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-21687897    
 Please follow all off-site links carefully, at your own risk...
Blogger note: Please peruse the following linked post (here) for more correct weather details re Agnetha's 1979 "...middle of tornado" U.S. concert flight. (Briefly ref. in the 3/13 BBC article. (It is her storm story though. I 'get' that...)
 Link, new window:http://star4abba.blogspot.com/2009/05/sos-abbas-unfortunate-1979-boston.html 
...Here is another recent article. Fairly decent treatment from a mainstream media source. ...Though Agnetha -stereotypes still creep in at times. Off-site link to 3/13/13 article, new window opens: http://www.guardian.co.uk/music/musicblog/2013/mar/13/abba-agnetha-faltskog-returns
(Continuing, previously-written text; which now (actually) is not going to happen. Pls. read the right side-bar....):)  
We will now return to waiting for the full (official) album release, followed - after enough good listens  - by one last 'listener's review' (of that).

Please come back for the review if you (also) have an interest... 
>>> My own "teaser"(also pls. see further below): The couple of song 'snippets' I've so far heard (which is not nearly enough) are not really what this (one) fan wanted/hoped to hear from the talented, mature singer. (Update: I think she's "got me" with the German-released single (link is to newer post...). Her voice seems to sound at least 'OK' or better so far, though. Perhaps similar in some ways to her 2004 album effort. For this listener, that (voice change from earlier years) is to be expected and is not a 'bad' thing at all. It is likely natural...)
>>>But I'm thrilled that usually-quiet (sans spotlight -- suspect this album may - in part - alter that image a bit), veteran-singer Agnetha has made such an effort at all. (This album effort is definitely - in part - about updating/changing an (incorrect, out-of-date) image.)
 And it is her commercial (i.e., for sale), pop-music, artistic output.  (Guided by Jörgen Elofsson, clearly.) I.e., it is Agnetha's art/art form, and there should be no personal (or similar) judgment in that. 
 (When we've heard the new recording) We'll see how this all works out (for the singer). Not too difficult to guess: I think I foresee some success coming (with her album)... Another little 'teaser' "review": The German single (snippet available elsewhere right now (link)) -- is (at least close to) classic Agnetha! (As noted elsewhere (link): It 'screams' "Agnetha"...(e.g., the "torch" singer). 

The primary single/video -- this site (that matters some) seems to like it (off-site link) -- I'm still sorting out a bit. (Stream-of- (un)consciousness follows:)  It's a catchy enough tune.  (Significantly, I now can't get parts of it out of my head...) I assume that the young woman in the video represents...young Agnetha?? (If we're going with a literal interp., part of the video story could even be recording (for "history") that it was (young) Agnetha who 'threw out' young...Bjorn(?)...)
 Lots of drum machine...and other 'stuff' in the background.( Modern 'techno-pop', I suppose)  Agnetha - at moments in the song  - is  'on' a bit about something... (Update: After a number of listens, I think that 'Agnetha sounds like Agnetha' in this song, and I am liking that...) BTW: What is the word that the star sings in the line from the song's chorus, "Well then nothing really _______?"  Lyric sheets I've seen indicate it's supposed to be "matters", but does not sound like that word at all -- to me. More like; "burns", or "earns" or...what??) 
The produced video (though tame by today's 'standards') is (of course) not (depicting) a happy story...But on the other hand -- a 'dual-nature' characteristic sooo much  a key aspect of this performer -- we have Agnetha's appealing voice, a generally appealing song....
And literal appearances are: We have a beautiful blonde singer still nursing a broken heart, from ""a fairy-tale story" 1970s marriage(?) -- without a happy ending...". And "no one" (chanted several times over by the singer) can take 'his' place...Literally taken (unless I'm just not 'getting it' at all): It's sad!  Wait: Up-beat, catchy song creation, but with a sad 'message'....hmmmm (link).)   
Update: It has been similarly commented elsewhere at some point I believe: The 'WYRLS' song performance/video combination -- Agnetha clasping her hands to her heart, etc. -- a fine sample of "torch singer extraordinaire" Agnetha Fältskog 

>>>We will give the singer's album a fair listen here. Each listener will decide now for themselves what they think,what appeals, etc....(I'm going to wait for my copy of "A" to arrive...)

ALSO, FWIW: The (apparent) 'A' album title would place Agnetha's at the top of many alphabetical (album) title listings. (Intentionally(?) or not...)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
(Previously written text, 2012:) October, 2012: ...I have been away on vacation....

....And have returned to the best news. (One forum link is below.)  Like all of her fans I will be closely following this music story.  (Uhh....from afar, of course.)

It is great news. Just fantastic that Agnetha appears to have confidence in her voice (etc.) and is giving it another go. 
No matter what the motivation may be I think she's a great lady for doing that....

(Continuing previously written text:) FWIW, note to readers: This website ('blog') plans to focus primarily upon on music aspects of Agnetha's anticipated release. Plenty of other options are available for news, rumors and so on....
Update (also 'FWIW'): Upon its (expected 2013) release, a brief, civil "listener's review" of Agnetha's new recording will follow here. (Shortly after I am able to purchase a copy....) Which, of course will contain no (extraneous) 'judgement(s)' of the artist herself (within the review). E.g., a "mini-review" somewhat similar to this older post (link). 
Updated note: My album "mini-review" appears as a tab near the top of the blog.

(It's an old pic. but we'll put it up anyway. Update: A recent photo of the star -- honoring "some up-and-comer" with a backstage visit -- is linked here (new window opens). And another link for some good newer pics.):

(Agnetha Fältskog, ABBA, Ekeberghallen, Oslo, Norway, 28 January 1977, by Helge Øverås
No affiliation, no endorsement of this website implied.)

P.S. I am very happy to (apparently) have been incorrect with one guess/prediction about Agnetha's singing again, via this post (link): http://star4abba.blogspot.com/2009/07/closing-post-abba-agnetha.html
As noted here previously (link), the lady does come up with surprises from time to time. 

Updated note: Comments below expand upon this post.(As a (belated) 'preface' (to those), I'm adding this 2004 quotation (date approximate), attributed to Ms. Fältskog's agent/spokesperson, Staffan Lindé. It's out-of-context, but a good summation of the professional singer, perhaps even today:)

 "Staffan Lindé was asked: How does Agnetha view her career these days? [Insert: Around 2004 when My Colouring Book was coming out...]

"I think she views her "career" as finished. But she's still a divinely gifted singer, and she still has a lot to give musically, it's the next step for her, a new direction. It's not about fame, not that it ever was", he says. At the same time she's her own worst critic....""
(Link to source)

Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 update: Ms. Fältskog

One more post here. More follow:

Early 2011: Some momentum/acclaim seems to be building for ex-ABBA star Agnetha Fältskog at the moment, via her recent (Swedish) 'M-Magasin' article, and also this (1/11) Music Blog post, by Richard Williams of The Guardian (U.K.). (That is, if Ms. Fältskog is not fully retired as a singer/entertainer...)

 Please click on this link (new window opens) to read reported information re the Swedish singer (with this website's (from-afar) analysis).  
(And a rhetorical question: Given the apparent frenzy when this quiet lady occasionally speaks (e.g., 'M-Magazine' article consequences), would not an official, dedicated web presence make sense (for the artist)? (This blog effort is not official.))

'Road map': My (mainly) music-related site's overall summary page is here (link). (Or, pls. try this enjoyable alternate (introductory) entry (link, new window.)) Previous posts follow below.

Thanks for reading. This tiny blog is on hiatus pending future new music/collections released by Ms.Fältskog, if any...(That is completely in the artist's control, of course.)
Some music-related insights or reviews (re Ms. Fältskog's past efforts) may be added occasionally, as this site endeavors to remain of interest (to fans, others). (Especially in the apparent absence of an up-to-date and comprehensive, official web presence focused upon the artist....)

Plus: A nice, recent (2011) photo of the singing star (at a party) is displayed here (link) (new window). Update: A 2012 award. Not so much for music, but as a "fashion legend". Link to ELLE magazine (Sweden) web page (new window): http://elle.se/3-favoritogonblick-med-agnetha-faltskog/   
More here (link). 

Monday, April 5, 2010

A stopping place for now: 'Agnetha/ABBA, Belatedly'

© 2009-2011 (original portions only)

This, from an older-but-wiser geezer whose spot was once the old Cleveland Agora (USA); a venue that a '70s pop band (not named The Raspberries) possibly would not have survived:

After many years of ignoring them it's been an enjoyable (and ironic) experience to "discover" 'supergroup' ABBA, and reluctant star Agnetha Fältskog [aŋˈneːta]. (Pictured/link. Also credit to Mr. Palm (see below), for that descriptor of Ms. Fältskog.) Surprise (U.S. rock fans...(of a 'certain age')):They were excellent at their craft.  I hope those who stumble upon this informal site will (also) find interest in some of the learning that's occurred....  (I know that many of you have also 're-discovered' Agnetha/ABBA...) Please make use of the index of topics/labels located below on the right sidebar.  This blog is - for the most part - music-focused.               (Photo (also a link to an indelible performance) : Agnetha Fältskog, ABBA, Ekeberghallen, Oslo, Norway, January 28th 1977. Author: Helge Øverås. No website endorsement implied.)

Blog navigation note/hint: No time right now?? Please start here with this "salient points", condensed blog summary (link).

A listeners' review of Agnetha's post-ABBA recordings (link)  - though incomplete - is worth a look to see if you agree with its selections and perceptions. Note: Includes an updated Agnetha 'top ten' listing. Agnetha's special voice? Independent, music-detail insights about it are here. And, please try these three posts for a little broader perspective (i.e., they are not only about Ms. Fältskog.  Research about ABBA's 1979 stormy Boston concert flight is included.) Links: Here, here and here.

If there's an overarching point via the (belated) discoveries detailed here, it's simply this: Ms. Fältskog can sing. (Despite some retro-star-power-induced detours nearing "the deep end" in this blog ("actuated by" Agnetha's published efforts - years later - evidence of a true star....);that is really what this written effort is about. (Her singing.))An extraordinary pop voice: Crystal-clear, sweet and expressive. Per much that's asserted in this blog; her voice inside your head(phones): A pleasure. (Link is to an individual YouTube song tribute from aficionado '2Shaymcn'. (Videos from that YT site are linked here with permission.)
 ...Combine with the 'element' of heavenly female beauty ..and to some (at least); a captivating delight (link). Though her in-English work is in the past now, she is well worth a (re-)visit --in any form: "Smiling sensation" Agnetha (at her utmost) is more discoverable than ever via "time machine", You Tube.

(Insert...) 2014: And yes BTW, (rightly or not) I do feel slightly 'flattered' when Agnetha/ABBA official websites (etc.) occasionally re-use descriptive words such as 'aficionado' and 'siren'......Employed by this tiny blog (years ago).(Screen-cap image/example follows:)

(Continuing previously written text:)Necessary to know, up-front: Both ABBA singers together were essential for that band's success. No Frida and Agnetha = No ABBA. For many, the presentation (singing, etc.) of ABBA's songs was equally as important as the exceptional writing, producing. (A YT link to one fantastic (performing) example...)  (Update:) Easy prediction: In the popular music sphere I believe that these two ladies will be revered (more revered or acclaimed) for years to come. They were that special, together ...One sample link here to a beautiful ABBA ballad, featuring Frida's stellar lead...). Related: Singing with/skillfully harmonizing with other singers was clearly a major strength forMs. Fältskog(the main focus here; solo work). A sample link to one appealing post-ABBA example. (And another: A not-well-known one (during her ABBA days), from Sweden (link).Another lesser-known favorite....ooops, Not hers??) More: A much-too-cursory Frida appreciation is included here. (A beautiful recent, published picture of Frida is linked here.)   
And please see the end of this post for a 'bonus quotation' that nicely describes the two voices of ABBA. 
(Nope: In case it's not obvious, I'm
not associated in any way with
 ABBA, Ms. Fältskog or their record companies.If you find that you're not convinced of certain findings here, pls. try some available videos on You Tube for a mesmerizing sample (Ms. Fältskog, solo). And consider what present-day viewers there are saying. Or: Why not read on in this blog and enjoy the many included links....Most of us will never meet the Swedish singer, but this effort may be a good way to learn much via her music. Plus the mere fact that a number of unofficial 'appreciations' or tributes have been independently created on-line (in several locations): A tremendous compliment to this performer. (And those similarly created for other ABBA members, the band itself, etc.)

(Continuing:) From not even knowing the names of ABBA's members and only a few of their hit songs (like many people in the U.S.), it's been good to gain a richer appreciation of the "mega" pop group and those associated. With millions of others I'll be enjoying recordings, etc. of the band, and especially from Ms. Fältskog. (Aside: None of it is Mozart, nor opera singing....But ABBA understood that.) Plus, of course the numerous, well-done tributes etc. on You Tube.... which seem to expand by the week. (And huge ABBA fan Sen. John McCain may unleash an impromptu karaoke retrospective at any moment, as we all know. Don't get me going re Vladimir Putin....Update: Or, NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg...?) ABBA exemplifies something not all too readily done, done very, very well. It is difficult not to respect and admire that....(Celebrated actress/voice artist Joanna Lumley says it succinctly with this recent quotation, displayed here (link). And as some YouTube commenters currently like to "get a little stupid" (and write underneath ABBA videos (for example)): "I'm an unborn fetus ....and I LOVE ABBA." ...)

Stop: BTW, is this blog (you're reading) one guy's way-late "head trip" (mainly) about a singularly talented, 1970's/80's Swedish singer?? (A performer with enough 'star-power' to motivate (inspire) this unprecedented effort (for me.) Answer: Possibly YES, at moments. (Don't think I was quite at this point, though (link).) However please read on, as you may well find that it's worth the trip back....Agnetha's appealing pop voice is reason enough.
(An appropriate ABBA song (title) for this 'trip'?? (Link, new window.) The two ABBA singers together: A dream, always...)

({{Information |Description={{sv|1=Sportpalatset på Kungsholmen i Stockholm}} |Source=Uppladdarens egna verk (uploader's own work) |Author=Holger.Ellgaard |Date=2008 |Permission=yes |other_versions= }} 

As noted here and elsewhere, Carl Magnus Palm has written the definitive ABBA biography to date: Bright Lights, Dark Shadows. If you haven't yet done so please consider reading it especially if you're an ABBA or Agnetha fan. It is well-researched and very detailed. Also, if you want to know what was being written -- factually and otherwise -- about all ABBA members during their peak years, an excellent web site has quite a collection for you: http://abbaarticles.blogspot.com/
Some stories are largely made-up or just tabloid trash, but ABBA members did talk frequently and could be candid. In fact, though some publications unfavorably label Ms.Fältskog to be reclusive, uncooperative, etc., the truth is that she has spoken candidly with selected sources over many years. (See a few of the articles linked above.) This lengthy and detailed blog being read right now is completely based upon the singer's available public interviews, biography, published music, etc. The artist is generally publicity-shy (or was; pls. see 'late 2010 update' near the end of this post), but there is hardly a lack of information from/about the public Agnetha. (Just one example: A charming and candid short interview from 1981, via this 'ABBA4EVER' link (new window).

 ABBA has moved on and it's time for me to do so as well. I'll add more to the blog perhaps if an event of significance occurs (with the group or members) . But please check back for ongoing updates, enhancements and additions to the current entries. If you read something here, please leave a civil comment (if you'd like) as I'll continue to be able to view them. FWIW, all original entries here are copyrighted. Thank you.

A closing word (or two) about talented Agnetha Fältskog, who -- along with many other fans -- I've quickly come to admire. (For reasons detailed above and elsewhere. There may be millions of us (Agnetha fans)...clearly we all have good acumen, perception, etc....) 1) I hope proper recognition for the key contributions made to ABBA by both fronting ladies will be forthcoming. (I.e., Anni-Frid Lyngstad and Agnetha.) Both were essential to the group's great success, and their voices together were something like pop music magic, in my view. (Ref. this interesting forum discussion about the "third voice" that sometimes emerged. As also noted previously; rich-voiced, rock-solid Frida "carried it" on numerous ABBA songs; Agnetha more the dramatic accent. "Money Money Money"; one example.) Note: Volume is high on the following. Actually both vocalists are pretty impressive in this ABBA song/video version (mimed here; more about its singing linked here), which somehow magnifies Agnetha's high-note contributions...Plus: An even better song featuring the singers at their best together follows via this post.

(YT video link)
In other words they were attractive ladies who could sing, and sing well together. Not all that common of a combination, judging by how very few true "successors" (none?) have appeared in popular music since. They were hardly just "a couple of decorative Swedish babes", as a few (especially around these parts) may have once thought. To me, it is not going too far overboard to claim the two women together at their peak as one of the miracles of latter-20th-century pop music. (Yes, there were a few...(another) (+ another). A different one (link).)  E.g., Please enjoy this available YT performance (link) and tell me that it was not. (Ms. Fältskog especially, that time.) And if interested (ladies/vocalists): Try to (truly) match DQ's singing on your own/via karaoke. You'll likely find yourself impressed with A and A's effort...

A petition for overdue ABBA induction to the "Rock and Roll Hall of Fame" is here. Remember: The Bee Gees, Madonna, Dave Clark Five and other pop-oriented acts are already there. (And per the comment received below, it is appropriate to question that entity's validity, purpose, etc. ABBA is a 2002 Vocal Group Hall of Fame inductee.) 9/09 UPDATE: Click  for news of 2010 "Rock Hall" nominees. And know it right here, first: ABBA is IN in 2010. So many lesser acts have been inducted,  I don't see how the enduring pop 'supergroup' can be kept out of the Hall any longer....Vote in and follow a current poll for 2010 nominees, here. 12/09/09 update: Rumors are circulating today that ABBA will indeed be inducted in March, 2010. 12/15/09: Congratulations to ABBA and all associated. Long overdue....
A link to a 12/09 post about the announced induction (from this blog's perspective) is here.

2) Ms. Fältskog's clear, sweet voice, packed with emotion at times; is a gift. (Which also seems perpetually youthful-sounding at times, but there's more to it than that.) If not already underway, I predict a revival (or kindling) of interest and appreciation for this underrated singer's work. (Beyond that of the various Agnetha imitators in "ABBA" redux shows. They're fine in some cases, but no one has the original singer's distinct voice.) In the big-market United States, my continuing impression is that (the real) Agnetha remains sketchily known. (I don't think for a second that this matters any more to the successful artist. And she, of course, remains very popular in home Sweden and elsewhere. Also, a mention that in some (homophobe?) corners of the U.S., ABBA music, etc. is still disdained, per (supposed) popular appeal in the gay community (pages 501-2). I don't condone that but, at any rate.... At my age I chart my own path (heteros were attracted to the ABBA ladies ,too), and am mature enough to enjoy ABBA's qualities now, "bias-free".(Though definitely a "slow learner" ..... Brain-free too??: Follow this link for a tiny farce.)

As the private lady approaches her 60th birthday, it's a question as to whether we'll hear Ms. Fältskog again in English. Sixty isn't so old (to some of us) but Agnetha's pretty much gone her own way after ABBA, so only she knows for sure/controls her destiny. But if her special voice remains intact it would be a loss not to hear it recorded in some way, at least one more time.(E.g., A link to a story about a great pop singer still "remarkably fresh"-voiced at age 67: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/09/27/arts/music/27tomm.html?pagewanted=1&_r=1&em)

Per the following quotation in Mr. Palm's book (2008 edition), Agnetha responded in 2004 -- at least in part -- to fans imploring her to record again. Putting together an album is not easy, but if you happen to agree with me about her pure, feminine voice, perhaps consider writing a polite request to her record company. This website has an excellent article that might assist with that: http://www.agnetha-forever.de/ChangeLog/Write/write.html
Maybe a single-song duet or something like that is still in the realm of possibility....

Agnetha Fältskog from 2004 (re "My Colouring Book"), as quoted on page 539, "Bright Lights, Dark Shadows", C.M. Palm, author. (Short passages used with permission.) :

"I get a lot of fan mail from all around the world, and it's fantastic to hear that they like my music so much and want to know what I have been doing, and that they really love and miss my voice. It affected me so much, that's when the idea came up in my head maybe I should do another record."

There may have also been other reasons, but still, that was a nice one....

(More "nice lady": A link from the excellent http://www.agnetha-forever.de site to liner notes from Agnetha's 2008 compilation album, "My Very Best": http://www.agnetha-forever.de/ChangeLog/myverybest/myverybest.html  )

Whatever happens let's hope that this underprized singing star enjoys peace and satisfaction, and whatever else she wishes. My impression is that Agnetha remains a private person, quite settled with family, etc. now. As written (perhaps with a touch of envy and/or wistfulness; but not necessarily untruthfully) here: "...she’s mostly kept the silence of someone who’s conquered the world already." (Or, at least as much of it as desired(!).)  Late 2010 update: Or....perhaps NOT. Ms. Fältskog surprises with a number of recent public appearances plus a photo 'spread'/story in Sweden's (glossy) 'M-magazine'. Link to a translation (English) (incl. photos) from Mikory's ABBA blog. Agnetha's even reportedly doing some flying again, and sings a little "by the piano" (and plays). If one reads "between the lines" a bit in this interview, though, it mostly sounds like the lady may be retired now, professionally. (As written just above, here.) The prolific recording artist has earned that, or whatever she wants. But, Ms. Fältskog didn't completely "close the door"....
More: FWIW; possibly as a revealing  "glimpse inside", the Swedish star once wrote at the end of her 1996 As I Am biography that she had not "closed any doors". But also that: "...It would be horrible to be compelled to live up to world-wide expectations, to the money, or to what other people expect of you." (Page 149)

(Continuing previous text:) Agnetha has (also reportedly) said that she did not aim to be "worshiped by loads of people". 

"Thy voice is music..." — Shakespeare, Henry V, V-ii   (Ed. note: No...other parts of this quotation do not apply.)

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One telling, final note, from the 2008 afterward of C.M. Palm's "Bright Lights, Dark Shadows" (page 540):

Re Agnetha in 2004 (and beyond), after releasing "My Colouring Book":

"After one final lengthy Swedish television interview towards the end of the year, Agnetha once again stepped back from the media spotlight. It seems unlikely there will ever be a follow-up album, although she didn't rule out the possibility, hinting that it might be a Swedish-language-release that would "end my career as I started it"."

 A 'bonus' quotation: I'm taking the liberty of including one special paragraph from Christopher Patrick's excellent book, ABBA: Let The Music Speak. A stellar description (page 142):
"Between them, Agnetha and Frida had a dazzling array of vocal colours that would rival any artist's palette, and these were blended with astonishing results. Every now and then in their extraordinary unison world, one singer would change tint ever so slightly, adding yet another gorgeous hue to the spectrum."

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