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Monday, June 8, 2009

Ms. Fältskog: 1985

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Blog note: Some of the following entries appear elsewhere, at the end of my lengthy, 5/21/09 summary post :

That posting is so long that I decided to break out the three featured You Tube videos in this separate entry. They are all from around 1985, and I hope that they will remain available on YT. And please note that I've also added some additional, significant information below about other important goings on in Ms. Fältskog's life from that time period. (Suggestion: Please consult more in-depth sources (link) for detailed information on that subject matter.)

The first two interview tapes are pleasing for Agnetha [aŋˈneːta] fans, as we learn a bit about her life at the time, and she is often charming. (Links are below.) Particularly so, in the laughing second appearance from Belgium TV.(She's nervous for awhile in the longer, in-depth "Guest at Hagge's Place" appearance (Gäst Hos Hagge). A little more guarded at times, too.)

And the last link below, apparently a promo video for her "Eyes of a Woman" album, is both funny in spots and charming. It clearly was meant to show her favorably (read: down-to-earth), and was successful. (Thanks to http://www.youtube.com/user/modernmillie for posting it.)

Attractive, in good voice, and often charming in these 1985 appearances:  Agnetha's on top of her game. (Even though "down" in the screen cap below.)

(Copied from this blog's 5/21/09 summary post:)

One more "must see" for fans of Ms. Fältskog: Get to know Agnetha from 1985 via this charming and quite in-depth six-part interview, recently posted on You Tube. Lovely woman, lovely voice. Consistent in her outlook and views. Honest. And endearingly nervous at the show's beginning (despite being a world-famous star). Although her apparent comment about "having nightmares for six months" prior to the appearance could be one clue as to why she limited such activities: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h6ycR3mzz_c&feature=related

Even more: Another charming interview form May, 1985. The Belgian audience is in love with her, and her musical voice is mesmerizing. And sharp English speaking (and listening) skills here too! Agnetha's somehow more "up" for this little chat; less nervous. The somewhat awkward interviewer might have been less intimidating...she's actually kind of laughing at him. (I've noticed that back then at times, she occasionally seemed to be "putting the interviewer on" a bit, at points. Interesting. One reason might have been that she got the same questions over and over. 11/09 blogger update: Impression (re interviewing) partly confirmed, per page 104 of 1996's "As I Am" biography.) At any rate for whatever reason, she's having fun, is really charming and at her best here:  2010 update: It is our loss, but the YouTube video of this interview has been pulled. (Who knows? Perhaps we will see it again someday, released as part of an 'Agnetha solo' retrospective collection ....(That's a un-subtle hint, record companies.).) Substituting this link which briefly describes the show, provides good comments and has a few thumbnail photos to view: http://www.abbaontv.com/1985/description-mike-an-zee.html 
Update: Only God and various multimedia companies know how long it might remain available, but here is a current YT link to the entire, 1985 'Mike aan Zee' TV appearance, ref. above. (Thanks to 'Brightnights1' for posting.): (link) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2sTl0wAUDWQ

Yet more from 1985? Here's a link to a pleasant TV show (Sweden, promoting her album) where Agnetha talks about her current life, Sweden, etc.  And in about the most musical-sounding voice possible (at moments. She's reading from a script.). Enjoyable.  (Especially like the fall in the snow with the dog. Though perhaps staged for the show.) And she again shows consistency in her views: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iMK5C9Mx_RE&feature=related

Still more from 1985?? One of the star's better solo song/video efforts: Underrated Eyes of A Woman's  edgy "Click Track":

(Link to YT video; no guarantees re such unofficial links: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NpaOA5GkaFw&fmt=18)

From 1985 however, it's important to also note this interview with Expressen from the time, as chronicled at "The Agnetha Fältskog Archives" web site. Though it wasn't a complete withdrawal from public life (yet), she indicates that she would be focusing upon raising her two children. And much else is confirmed/came out in the story,as Agnetha had clearly had enough. Very candid with interviewers at times.... But I've yet to find out exactly why she didn't continue her acting career. (Which she talked up a lot in her mid-80s appearances. She was a good performer in ABBA promo videos, as noted many times here, also.) There are hints in this interview and elsewhere about the likely need to move to the United States (for acting), which Ms. Fältskog was clearly reluctant to do.. http://www.agnethaarchives.com/articles/ced_id23.htm

(Update: Currently posted on YouTube, an example of "la Fältskog" being alluring in the 1983 (another vintage year for solo Agnetha) Swedish film, Raskenstam. (Not certain, but it seems to be mainly about an old guy somehow irresistible to many women. More info. here.) There's nothing out of character in captivating Agnetha's brief appearances ....as ABBA or Agnetha music video fans will attest. Though I still think her sweet voice was the winning feature of her first (and last) film effort. (If interested, skip to around the 8:30 mark of the linked segment to see the scene liked best: Her character's introductory moments in the film. I've included a 'deep link' to there:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TOupFgnZBpc#t=8m30s))

More: In addition to talking interestingly about her 1985 solo album and other goings on in her life, she's attributed to a tantalizing comment about her hopes for acting, at the end of this "Dutch TV-Guide" article from the time. A link to the vintage story via the "ABBA the Articles" site: http://abbaarticles.blogspot.com/2008/08/veronica-1985-you-never-get-used-to.html

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