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Friday, June 5, 2009

Agnetha and ABBA: 1975

 (This post is part of an unofficial website examining the music and public career of ex-ABBA star Agnetha Fältskog.)

A rare video from supergroup ABBA's heyday is currently up on You Tube (below). If you like it, please consider a silent appeal to higher powers (Don Kirshner?)... that it remains posted. (2011: So long, Mr Kirshner. And thanks...)

1975: Young ABBA at around their peak. (Songwriting became more sophisticated - and at times more melancholy - as the group matured.)

The radiant Ms. Agnetha Fältskog  [aŋˈneːta ˈfɛltskuːɡ] also showed blazingly well at this time - outlandish pop-music-period costumes aside. (Though the green cape/white ruffled outfit (here) is actually something to behold (thanks to magnetic Agnetha)).  (Note: This blog is focused upon Ms. Fältskog's career and music, so she is spotlighted.)

Let the video speak: From the 1975 U.S. " Don Kirshner's Rock Concert" TV show. It is good to see/hear ABBA's "Hey Hey Helen" in this (lip-synched) performance. "Interesting" dancing in the songs by the two ladies, as always.   
And watch the star shine in ABBA's big hit (at the time), "Waterloo", the last song performed. (The studio ovation seemingly energizes the green-caped wonder...)  As usual, the camera (cameramen) liked Agnetha too. A great example of the young blonde singer at her early-ABBA peak. A vision:

(No embedding of the YT video at this time. Pls.click on the screen cap below to link to the video via a new page/tab. Thanks to 'Mira6610' for posting:)

Link to YT video: http://youtube.com/watch?v=w--fKtTwjRg&fmt=18

If general circumstances more or less "stayed like 1975" for Ms.Fältskog, perhaps she and ABBA would have played for quite a bit longer (beyond what they did)....

"Wouldn't it be nice" (link to great old vid.) if we were YOUNGER....or  could "turn back the hands of time"....

Bonus from '75: "On cuteness overload" video featuring the 25-year-old; four or so years junior to the other ABBA members...:

 Update: It is from earlier than 1975 and features all of ABBA's members,  but a YT link follows for an irresistible clip... back when ABBA was young and having fun together. Very nice looking costumed Frida, and young Agnetha either is - or is acting - a little drunk....

And, a note that 1975 was also the year that the busy Ms.Fältskog created and produced her fine, solo Swedish album, Elva kvinnor i ett hus. More about that album effort is available via this post (link).

Add'l 'bonus': Yes, it's from 1976, and both ABBA ladies are terrific in their shiny, '70s pantsuits; but zero in on radiant Agnetha during the first couple minutes of the linked YT vid., below.  Good dancing moves --- she's on it!  Once again; an engaging on-camera performer. (Current link, new window) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYSSD0SVhN0&fmt=18 

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