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Friday, June 12, 2009

Agnetha Fältskog - I Won't Be Leaving You

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Please have a couple of listens to the following song, from the uneven but underrated Eyes of a Woman album by Agnetha Fältskog. (Pronounced 'ahn-EH-tah'.)

To get "out of the way" a minor element (upfront): FWIW, this newer listener isn't totally enamored with the singer's use of her falsetto voice at moments on "I Won't Be Leaving You"'s (recorded) background/backing vocals. I.e., sometimes it "works", sometimes it distracts/detracts....

However.... the main vocal in this tender ballad illustrates what the pop soprano (?) could do with expression; with feeling. Agnetha's inherently bright voice may render it subtle at first; but the longing and the "want" she is able to impart here: She's right up in your ear with it - particularly in higher-fidelity recordings. (Who wouldn't like to imagine that... ?) If you listen, you can feel the aching yearning at times, especially as the song moves along. (And despite a 'clunky' lyric line or two...) It's real. Exposed. Perhaps singing with someone in mind or even some past experience.

"I want you....I need you", from the refrain: She makes you believe it - whoever Ms. Fältskog is singing about....or to. You feel it, along with her. And it's sexy and intimate (amongst other sensations it invokes). Sung sultry-sweet and with absolute clarity as always; characteristic of the talented vocalist.

...An outstanding singer, especially for sadder/longing ballads (such as this). A signature solo song for the artist, I believe. (She has (at least) a couple of them. And BTW: By "signature", I mean distinguishing. Displays key aspects or features of this particular singer.) :

Link to HQ YT video/sound (currently available). This is the better sound quality YT presentation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9EcdYZIZko&fmt=18

2010 update: Bad news for YouTube viewers/Agnetha fans...The music videos (formerly above) have been removed from YT (United States) apparently by giant UMG. (Update: At least that is the (removal) message that appeared on YouTube initially...Original message:" This video contains content from UMG. It is not available in your country.") A shame that the solo artist plus this representative song lose that exposure here. (FWIW: A link to Amazon's current offering of the Eyes of a Woman album is here. The song is also included on Agnetha's 2008 compilation, My Very Best.

2011 update: It's back...at least 'for the moment' via YouTube. Thanks to 'MegaABBAgirl' for posting. (Link to the song (new window). Note: Volume is high...) 2013: A better-(HQ) quality YT version is here (new window opens): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=waPJsjgjB4k

(Continuing previously written text:) Whatever you believe about the merit of some songs Agnetha  chose to record as a solo artist, her voice does not disappoint.

Added note: I'm guessing that renowned session musician Lasse Wellander is the source of the brief guitar solo in this song just after the four minute mark. (Corrections welcome. E.g., could it have been another ABBA guitarist, Janne Schaffer? ) Like all of ABBA's regular, backing musicians: Sehr proficient and too often overlooked....

Additional observation: I wonder why the singer pronounced the key (title) line in this song so it sounded a lot like "I won't believe in you"...? Perhaps Agnetha is singing "I won't be leavin' you" (i.e., droppin' the 'g') and attempted a little play on the words with the phrase. But this did not really jibe with the meaning of the lyrics. (Unless I'm just not "getting it".)  

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