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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Agnetha: Another big step in her return as a singer...

....'Renaissance' (lowercase 'r')- Agnetha shocks the world....or at least parts of it:

YT video below: November 2013 televised duet with Gary Barlow, broadcast (U.K.) as part of the "Children in Need... (I won't say 'Rocks' (link)") concert.  Ms.Fältskog's first public stage performance in 25 years.  (At least 30+ years since she has publicly sung LIVE.....(Some recorded backing vocals etc. also (were) played during the performance....)

Live Agnetha: Sensational. It's great to see her up there....and for a good cause.

(YT video link.)
(Belated insert: 1970's ABBA choreography aside, I always thought  Ms.Fältskog moved with some grace on-stage. Though she is basically standing in much of the performance (above), watch around the 3:30 mark in the video. Agnetha shows us she still moves much "her" same way (as in times past), and perhaps even how all that walking she (reportedly) does pays off!)

....If not already seen... an off-site link to an excellent snapshot of four artists it's easy to become a fan of....Let's hope the collaborations continue: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=539819686094233&set=pb.429701990439337.-2207520000.1384389595.&type=3&theater

(Reminder: Agnetha's official website(s) may be reached via this off-site link: www.agnetha.com)

...Back on hiatus on this blog until perhaps the next surprise from surprising Agnetha. (Who works at her own pace, but maybe the wait might not be all that long.... Seems she is garnering strong fan support from her (recent) efforts.)

Thank you to any readers for stopping by.... Significant music-related efforts from the singer shall prompt independent, unfiltered commentary and insight here....from a fan's perspective. For any interested...this post (link) is now updated to reflect "A's" contributions to one experienced listener's "Agnetha solo top ten" listing.

Monday, September 16, 2013

9/13: Worthwhile interview by Jeffrey de Hart with (Agnetha's "A" album's) Jörgen and Peter

If not yet seen, link below is to a .pdf file copy of the interview . Another link is also available on agnetha.com. (Update:) That's where part 2 of the interview -- also worthwhile reading for fans -- may be found. And the full interview is available via the official ABBA fan club's magazine (subscription).

(....We've seen another, in-depth J.de Hart interview featured once before here (link is to a previous post. No affiliation with the correspondent.))

It's been said elsewhere: 'Hurrah' for those two guys (i.e., Peter and Jörgen) for convincing (persuading?)  this wonderful singer/performer to return to the studio....

>>> Off-site link to J. de Hart interview (Part 1 only), .pdf file, new window opens: http://cdn.umg3.net/agnetha/uploads/2013/09/Interview.pdf

P.S. The album producers make it clear (in this interview) that they were not trying to "copy" or recreate ABBA songs via those written for "A". Perhaps confirms that it's mainly record company marketing that "pushed" the ABBA-Agnetha connection, while selling "A". (As complained about (a bit ) here, via this post (link). Maybe I was the only fan in the world who did not just "instinctively" know (realize) that...)
However, I still assert that a couple of the songs/lyrics (link) from "A" -- and the performances of them -- readily evoke old, ABBA-personnel-related back-stories....

P.P.S. ....From part 2 of the interview, this Agnetha-researcher really appreciates the back-to-back insights from Jörgen that: "...Agnetha never does anything that she doesn't want to do." (BTW: This fan interprets those words in a positive sense. As in:  Successful/independent individual, exercising control.)  And, "(Agnetha) has always been a music person and she will always be. She's curious and wants to challenge herself every now and then..."

A very good, succinct summation of the artist as she's been perceived right here, from long-distance. I also tried to primarily focus upon music aspects of her career. It's good to learn from those who work closely with Agnetha how important that is....


Monday, March 11, 2013

Official web pages for Agnetha at last! Plus, first "A" album singles.

(Official website links are below...)

So, (as before) please consider what's posted here as an unofficial artist appreciation/music-voice analysis/(in-depth) artist background fan-blog.  (As always - there's lots of other information/insight(s) right here that cannot be (at least readily) found elsewhere. (Especially: Official websites. Update: The artist's official Facebook page is being run/updated reasonably well.so far.. ) Plus, pls. check the comments at the end of this post for some early impressions of the star singer's initial (album) single releases.)

Here is a link to one good summary of what's currently happening with the artist, album, web pages, etc. (Off-site link, new window opens:) http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/agnetha-makes-a-universal-return-196818711.html
...(Hey! I 'called' her a siren first, here (link)....) Whatever...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J---aiyznGQ
Update: This fan forum now has a transcript of a little-more in-depth Swedish radio interview with Agnetha (3/12/13). Off-site link, new window opens:  http://www.iphpbb.com/board/ftopic-30652567nx61610-13491.html

Plus: A link (below) to a 3/17/13 article from William Langley of The Telegraph (U.K.). A mainstream article that actually gets some details (which are mostly not-music-oriented (though)) more or less correct, about the singer/her career/life. (Pretty much as well as (all) others not able to directly interview/know the singer.  Mr. Langley's prose is enjoyable at moments: Young Agnetha was indeed "an arresting beauty". The writer even used a proper weather descriptor for the 1979 ABBA "tornado flight"!)
Some 'conclusions' (in the article) seem stretched, however. (Not that something like that may have occasionally happened right here...)  Unfortunately, (apparently) there is no avoiding the strange Dutchman affair (i.e., "the man who wouldn't go away").  
One more thing::Can any mainstream article be written (about the artist) without the word "recluse" included somewhere within it?? (Apparently not: Though this particular article 'dances' around it, the word generally is improperly applied to the (often) private individual... (I.e., adult Agnetha.)) BTW: As noted in the next post here, part of the reason for the "A" album 'comeback' is (to try) to refute/dispel that (false) image...
All of this is why it may be (at least) kindest -- at this point, years on now -- to focus upon the captivating lady's singing/performing talent and efforts. As we mostly attempted to do (not totally successfully) right here on this website. 
Current off-site link to Telegraph article, new window opens: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/music/rockandpopfeatures/9933274/Abbas-Agnetha-Faltskog-Could-the-girl-with-the-golden-hair-get-lucky-at-last.html

May, '13 update: Link to a fan forum topic featuring various 'press reviews' of "A". Some early ones (of those) seem mixed.  (With a few significant positive ones, though.) Interestingly, as is pointed out in the forum's comments, I (also) occasionally wonder if certain critics generally do not enjoy some genres of music. Off-site link to forum topic, new window opens:  http://www.iphpbb.com/board/ftopic-30652567nx61610-13787.html
(One professional review excerpt (source linked):) "... Fältskog always sounded like the shy girl from the typing pool who just stood up, started to sing and found she possessed a pure, crystalline voice.
I like that...Although the Swedish performer actually produced an '80s song/video (link) that kind of matches that (exact) image, I had not quite pictured her in that way. (She sounds more grown-up now, I think.)
 ...Also, an off-site link to another interestingly-written, up-and-down album review (new window opens):  http://www.musicomh.com/reviews/albums/agnetha-faltskog-a)

...Agnetha will always have many fans of her voice, who will no doubt enjoy her "A" song efforts.

(Continuing previously written text::) Though the following pages are - of course - associated with new album promo, it has been time for quite awhile now for Agnetha to have an official, on-line presence. Good for her, and for connecting with fans... in these ways!! (no affiliation):

Agnetha's official website (at last!). (New window opens, no affiliation):    http://www.agnetha.com/
....Including a favorably-done 'biography' (link): http://www.agnetha.com/biography/

Agnetha's official Facebook page (new window opens): https://www.facebook.com/AgnethaOfficial

Official Agnetha Twitter : 
Twitter: @AgnethaOfficial

Official YouTube channel for Agnetha! http://www.youtube.com/user/AgnethaOfficial

Official YouTube VEVO channel:  http://www.youtube.com/user/AgnethaVEVO

>>> The first (YouTube) video release (official) from "A" (the new album)!:

(YT video link )

(YT video  link Yes: Some of the song links may not 'survive' here. Might try this one...: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-KRi4nspjRA)

>>> A tiny 'teaser' initial take (on this song-snip (above)): Sounds (very) close to 'classic' Agnetha....!
A bit 'schlager' perhaps, but she performs those (songs) well. And  yes!: I think I can hear a little (sampling of) Dusty in this cut.  
(...(If it remains available above,) Even just the HD YouTube 'snippet' of Agnetha's "The One Who Loves You Now" may represent (at least) a 'hope' come true for this blog/blogger. (And all fans...)  She's sounding very good in this song section, at least.... 
A 'knockout' effort (so far) by the mature singer... Now waiting for the full song (in good sound quality)..)

(Per the following interview...I now wish to be a (domestic Swedish house-) dog.)     (If needed,) Please click on the "CC" icon next to the 'cog' - just below the video - for (English) sub-titles:

(YT video link )

(Jon ▼ )

(Image source: http://www.publicdomainpictures.net/view-image.php?image=34247&picture=tempting-a-dog-silhouette)
... Woof