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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Agnetha: Another big step in her return as a singer...

....'Renaissance' (lowercase 'r')- Agnetha shocks the world....or at least parts of it:

YT video below: November 2013 televised duet with Gary Barlow, broadcast (U.K.) as part of the "Children in Need... (I won't say 'Rocks' (link)") concert.  Ms.Fältskog's first public stage performance in 25 years.  (At least 30+ years since she has publicly sung LIVE.....(Some recorded backing vocals etc. also (were) played during the performance....)

Live Agnetha: Sensational. It's great to see her up there....and for a good cause.

(YT video link.)
(Belated insert: 1970's ABBA choreography aside, I always thought  Ms.Fältskog moved with some grace on-stage. Though she is basically standing in much of the performance (above), watch around the 3:30 mark in the video. Agnetha shows us she still moves much "her" same way (as in times past), and perhaps even how all that walking she (reportedly) does pays off!)

....If not already seen... an off-site link to an excellent snapshot of four artists it's easy to become a fan of....Let's hope the collaborations continue: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=539819686094233&set=pb.429701990439337.-2207520000.1384389595.&type=3&theater

(Reminder: Agnetha's official website(s) may be reached via this off-site link: www.agnetha.com)

...Back on hiatus on this blog until perhaps the next surprise from surprising Agnetha. (Who works at her own pace, but maybe the wait might not be all that long.... Seems she is garnering strong fan support from her (recent) efforts.)

Thank you to any readers for stopping by.... Significant music-related efforts from the singer shall prompt independent, unfiltered commentary and insight here....from a fan's perspective. For any interested...this post (link) is now updated to reflect "A's" contributions to one experienced listener's "Agnetha solo top ten" listing.

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