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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A picture of Ms. Fältskog worth a thousand words

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Not to worry... not going to write 1000 words...this time. (Close.)

And be warned: I'm far from alone re this, but a bit of "retro-worship" is going to follow here. I obviously think that this singer was special in more ways than one. If you don't want to engage in any of that, please try some other, music-related posts here (link). Plus, it's further noted that Ms. Fältskog once stated that she didn't have any need or desire for people to "worship" her. (That said, she had lots of photos taken, back in the day....Possibly just "part of the job" though.)


This blog has many words attempting to describe the difficult to describe: An inspiring performer, outstanding popular music, etc. Too many of those words at times.

Thankfully, many great (yes; nostalgic) photos exist of photogenic/telegenic/cybergenic Agnetha Fältskog. E.g., You Tube abounds with them inside tributes, etc.(Plus a link to "Andy's ABBA images"; picture web site; includes an excellent story about meeting Ms. Fältskog.)

With much to choose from I still really like this simple, black and white one from 1977. (Below.) I like it because I feel it 'says' much about the performer. As written elsewhere here, both ABBA front singers were excellent presenters and performers whenever the lights came on.

 Rarely "holding back" (video link to a quick take of her pure voice); doing what she does best: Singing. "Living" the song....as she often did.

This photo currently graces the "Wikipedia" entry for Agnetha Fältskog:
("...She was blindingly beautiful...")

(Agnetha Fältskog, ABBA, Ekeberghallen, Oslo, Norway, January 28th 1977. Author: Helge Øverås (This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. In short: you are free to distribute and modify the file as long as you attribute its author(s) or licensor(s). It's inclusion does not constitute an endorsement of this website, expressed or implied.)

As always, a bonus: So many great pictures to choose from but here are a couple more faves. An attractive woman, at different ages.... and, will leave the rest to the (various-sized) pics.

Agnetha - ABBA Pictures, Images and Photos

OK; even more beauty follows:  I mean, are you kidding me? Just exactly how did many of us in the USA (hailin' from the '70s &'80s) somehow miss this lady.... at her utmost...? Agnetha slipped by some of us.  (OK, I'm 'owned' (a bit) -- via echoes of the past no less (of this lady).
Not alone....
(Aside: While we're on it, cant' resist this either: "Oowwnzz! Oowwnzzz!" (link))

Of course this blog includes some suggestions about that, e.g.; posts here and here. If anyone cares I myself would not go near (an) ABBA (song); intent upon exploring various rock music genres at the time -- like many of my peers. (ABBA didn't fit that.) And obviously -- for a few reasons -- not enough (or ineffective) "promo" was done in the U.S. (for ABBA). (Ref.:"Bright Lights, Dark Shadows" by C.M. Palm, pages 380-81, 384, 387.) Also, with proper promotion, the "right" songs, etc., Agnetha (herself) likely could have been as "big" as she wanted to be in North America. (Maybe all the Americas...)  Home, family and privacy (apparently) took precedence, however.  
Aside: One interesting observation re ABBA (not) 'conquering' the American market is linked here.

(2011 comment: An intriguing photo, above from long ago. (Screen cap; source.) Apparently from a 'bare shoulders(?)' session Agnetha did, but this particular photo is different from others (published from it). Almost seems 'backstage'; candid. 
One interpretation:  Agnetha is posed (poised?) for a kiss...What is on her mind here?....And what might her eyes be 'saying'? (Hint: Not much?? Those dewy lashes 'speak volumes'... Agnetha: Once again showing an ability to "come through the screen" - whether in video or via photographs.)
A fetching photo. (How did the photographer manage to hold on to the camera?  I think a lot of us would not have been able to... ) Sultry/sexy (of course), but vulnerability seems to show too. 
Actually, this pic. might be a poster for sexy/vulnerable....
Anyone know more about it? Pls. comment below. (Note: A sharper version of the photo above is available via this forum link.)

Last pic. source, edited: http://www.abbafanclub.nl/about_abba/the_band.html

Source for most (other) photos: http://www.iphpbb.com/board/ftopic-30652567nx61610-3747.html and http://www.iphpbb.com/board/ftopic-30652567nx61610-1512-3090.html

A few more old-but-sensational shots, from the "abba4ever" forum (link, right-click): http://www.iphpbb.com/board/ftopic-30652567nx61610-3747-2400.html

And I've only scratched the surface. (Lots of pictures were done...a photogenic subject ...) Go here (link below) if you'd like to: a) torture yourself more or, b) enjoy "retro"-rapture (I guess). Many images submitted there. (Plus here is another source for many pics; an excellent site.) And, remember:  The lady (originally) from
Jönköping is really talented also(Plus: She even played some hoops once in awhile...)

Ms. Fältskog is a proud grandmother nowadays.....(And makes public appearances now and then.)

Link: http://www.iphpbb.com/board/ftopic-30652567nx61610-1512.html

(By the way, as incredible as it may seem this amazing lady might not have thought herself beautiful. I have not verified the quotation nor the date of it, but included is a link to a web page that ends with the following, attributed to Agnetha: 
 "I am not beautiful and not sexy", says Agnetha in the book "Forebilder". 
On the contrary. I have a complex about my body..."
A link where the full quotation may be seen: http://www.fortunecity.com/meltingpot/huntington/108/id18.htm

Much of the rest of the world would disagree...
 (Ms. Fältskog: Often a pragmatic, self-effacing person, but one who might have been a little less hard upon herself -- at least in the younger days. Her too-harsh (attributed) observation also - of course -  ignored other attributes. (And the fact that endless photos were requested/taken of the beautiful singer...) E.g.: Men tend to prefer a pretty face (link). They really can't help themselves (link)!
Though Agnetha herself might not necessarily agree with such words, have another beauty - Vanessa Angel - sum things up nicely from the 1996 movie Kingpin:
YouTube video snippet... bad language soon after the 1:07 mark - after Vanessa's aphorism (link) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zrt2dMocQ5g&#t=55s)

(Continuing) One additional link, showing the natural beauty looking good with no "slap". (Make-up.)

Bonus: "Devastatingly beautiful" is how one Internet commenter referred to Agnetha from the earlier days. Interesting. An attractive person over many years, my favorite "Agnetha look" of all (thanks for asking!) is from the mid-1970's with her magnificent long blonde hair and nice,straight eyebrows. (Furrowed, as appropriate. Note: You can even enjoy a "favorite Agnetha look" poll, here.) The screen cap/YT link below is from 1975, (camera-shot "dissolve" mode), as she also sings my favorite ABBA song (where she leads). Plus: Another good example (video) of how Ms. Fältskog often looked for and "played to" the live camera. Along with her great gaze and smile, she could connect with viewers this way. Note: Both ABBA singers regularly achieved this....

(low-res screen cap/edit)

February, 2010 update: An amazing picture is here, at "Mikory's ABBA blog" (link, right-click). Don't think that (pregnant) Agnetha was a trouper? How high is that ladder (look at the man holding it for perspective)? What exactly were they all thinking? (If there was any thinking....) Why didn't they just lower the "elevator" (it's on a forklift or something)? Think soon-to-be-ex-husband Bjorn didn't hear about this stunt a bit when poor Agnetha reached the top?

Another bit of humor, more recent "That's what happens when you sit next to her ... you look dumb in comparison..."  -- Quip from the 'abba4ver' fan forum on an ABBA-era photo featuring beauty Agnetha. (From 'TheNumberOneJumpJack'.) Link (new window) to the forum page/comment (to enjoy)

Aside: Notice the watch(es) in many of Ms.Fältskog's photos (above)? I'm sure watch companies were happy to provide her with some, but one report long ago insisted that this performer also liked to be punctual for rehearsals, engagements, etc. (Ref. page 321.)

 Image source: http://imageshack.us/f/39/89693806uj6cpia.jpg/

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(YT video link)

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