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Monday, May 18, 2009

Ms. Fältskog's "That's Me": A befitting album cover

1998's compilation album "That's Me" features a beautiful image of singing star Agnetha Fältskog.

For a tiny blog I'm sure it's not the "biggest deal" in the world, but I don't think I can reproduce the cover photo here as it is copyrighted. FYI: Here is one (purchasing) link that shows the cover.  And another: One member's entry includes (a picture of) a nice poster of this album's cover.

I think that image is a perfect representation of Ms.Fältskog, the artist. It's appropriate that the always-photogenic appears to be singing in it, perhaps in a studio/TV show environment. Possibly "one-on-one" with a camera. As pointed out several times in this blog, the artist showed well in that setting. She often put forth a conscious effort to connect with viewers via the camera. In videos, both ABBA singers made a point of looking directly at viewers. (To some extent this probably was planned/rehearsed.)

The present-day popularity of ABBA and its women singers on You Tube is due in no small part to their excellent presentation and delivery of the group's songs. (ABBA used song promo videos extensively, years before the medium became popular via MTV, etc. Ref. page 265.)

FWIW: I'm sure along with other aficionados, when I look up the word "alluring" I think that this cover photo -- and others of Ms.Fältskog -- should be part of the definition. (A representative video clip with her singing would be even better...)

Aside: Not sure if there's a direct connection (to the 1998 album from Agnetha), but ABBA's song "That's Me" was one of the singer's favorites with the group. Also: A few may quibble about this compilation album (apparently) using an image that may have been produced during the ABBA period.  I.e., to grace the cover of a (partial) collection of solo efforts from the artist. If true, it doesn't seem to bother this particular fan....
Furthermore: In occasional interviews, etc., Ms.Fältskog would state that she did not consider herself to be especially "beautiful"

Bonus: Agnetha's "That's Me" compilation included this previously unused song. It's one of her stronger solo efforts: (Please right-click on the screencap (below) for a well done YT video/link.)

(Yes: The Swedish version of this song (above) is even better: (link) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dpt5e19Ksgk&fmt=18 )

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